Stick-handling a CRA audit

The client is a home builder in the GTA, who had received the unpleasant surprise that he was to be audited by the CRA.

This was his first experience of a CRA audit, and the initial two pages of requests overwhelmed him. Over time, the requests increased, as did the client’s stress. He was busy doing what he does best — building houses, and couldn’t see how he could find time to meet these demands.

His bookkeeper had twenty years of experience in the real estate business, but had never dealt with such a large audit. Exhausted, they brought Cusimano in to help.

Drawing on his long and deep experience in this area, Anthony Cusimano helped the bookkeeper gather the required information and stick-handled the auditor’s questions. The audit lasted six months but, due to Anthony’s help, the final report was favourable and the amount of tax reassessed was an insignificant amount.

This client would be the first to agree that if you must be audited by the CRA, you want Anthony Cusimano by your side!