A Radiologist Makes a Thoughtful Investment Choice

A radiologist in his early 60s was offered a potentially lucrative investment in a radiology clinic that was on the market. Being an expert in radiology but not particularly sophisticated in financial affairs, he asked Cusimano to analyze the investment.

Between his knowledge of the industry and our cash flow expertise, we developed financial projections that suggested the investment would be a good one. The problem was that the client did not have the available funds.

As it turned out, this wasn’t a problem after all — Cusimano presented the plan to several banks and had it approved within a week.

However …
Given his age and stage in life, and through discussion and advice from us, the client realized he did not want to go ahead with the new clinic. He was already financially comfortable through his existing medical corporation, and he didn’t want to spend the next ten years of his life working to pay off this new debt. He chose instead to enjoy life and be happy with what he had.

This is a fine example of how we treat clients holistically, helping make sure their business serves them and their families — not the other way round.