Do It Right and Avoid an Audit

The client, a personal friend of Anthony Cusimano since childhood, left his banking job some 35 years ago to start his own mobile catering business. Anthony helped him set up the business all those years ago, emphasizing the importance of accurate record systems and timely filing of tax returns.

Through the daily operation of the business, the client has contact with about 40 other caterers, many of whom tell horror stories of having been audited several times by the CRA.

Although he has paid higher accounting fees than his colleagues on an annual basis, this has proved to be a sound investment, as in his 35 years in business the client has never been audited by the CRA. He sleeps soundly at night knowing his business is in the hands of professionals who handle and report everything properly and honestly.

He is just one of many clients who have remained with Cusimano for many years.