About Anthony Cusimano

I’m Anthony Cusimano, President of Cusimano Professional Corporation and proud leader of Team Cusimano.

In a moment, I’ll tell you about my qualifications and experience, but I want to start with something I believe is more important to you: who I am personally and how I conduct my business.

I come from a large family, headed by a father and mother who instilled their own values of honesty, integrity, fairness, education and basic human decency in all their six sons and two daughters. As a result, the family includes a heart surgeon, a neurosurgeon, a family physician, an architect, an insurance executive (all of whom are self-employed professionals) and two school teachers — and of course an accountant — who all espouse those values in our professional and personal lives. I am happily married, with two adult children who are following their own professional career paths.

That’s probably why I think of all my clients in a holistic sense: not just business owners but people with families and lives outside their businesses. I know your business is an integral part of your life, and your personal finances are intimately tied to your business revenues. That’s why most of my business clients also have me look after their personal tax affairs too, so that we can make the most of the tax laws that encompass both and maximize the wellbeing of the whole family unit.

Anthony Cusimano - President & Founder

Professionally, here’s my story

I began my career in 1980 with an international public accountancy firm, followed by stints with two other local chartered accountancy firms and a sole proprietorship, so I have a well rounded understanding of all the services accounting firms of all sizes bring to their clients.

I then moved into the corporate world, as Controller and Chief Financial Officer of a midsize, totally integrated group of real estate development companies. This not only gave me the industry knowledge I bring to Cusimano PC’s real estate clients, but also of the accounting, financial and tax environments of the midsize companies who are an important part of our client base.

In 2002 I was ready to bring my experience and knowledge to my own clients, and Cusimano Professional Corporation was born. Since then I have continued to grow as a professional, not only through client work but also through continuous learning. This keeps me up to date with the latest accounting, income tax and technological changes in the profession, which in turn helps me be more efficient and effective in serving my clients.

Having contributed articles to various magazines and spoken at professional development events for doctors and other professional groups, I am recognized and respected for my particular expertise. I am on the “preferred list of accounting advisors” in the Greater Toronto Area for one of Canada’s most well known financial advisory firms for physicians.

All of this matters only because it helps me provide the best possible service to my clients.

If it looks as if you are a fit for us and we are a fit for you, give me a call at (416) 849-5000 or (877) 624-4001 and let’s spend half an hour getting to know each other — no charge, of course, and no obligation.

Cusimano Professional Corporation maintains personal connections with a range of professionals, such as lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, valuators and bookkeepers, across Canada and beyond. These people along with our in house staff give us the necessary expertise to handle most situations for our clients.

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