Trusts and Estates


  • Strategic use of trusts to:
    • Freeze estate values and minimize future tax on growth of assets
    • Income splitting for adults
    • Credit protection
    • Family law protection
    • Multiply potential use of $750,000 tax free capital gains, if properly structured
    • Reduce probate fees
    • Separate “control” from “ownership” of assets
    • Providing for special needs of disabled children


  • Estate planning is critical to avoid paying excess income taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) upon your death
  • A properly structured estate plan will help transfer your assets in an orderly fashion to your designated beneficiaries
  • A properly executed estate plan will allow you to better control your assets after your death
  • We can help gather a team of professionals including lawyers, insurance advisors, investment advisors and bankers to structure your affairs in an efficient basis, to meet the needs of you and your beneficiaries

We will help you review and monitor this plan to take into account changes in circumstances