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After navigating our site, reading through content and getting a better understanding of the services we provide, perhaps you’ll still have questions. As one of the more personable accounting firms in Toronto, customer service defines us and remains our number one priority. Therefore, we encourage you to get a hold of us via phone, email or arrive in person.

How Does a Free Consultation Sound?

Everyone loves ‘free’. And when you call us to schedule your free initial consultation with an accounting professional, you’ve tapped into the power of ‘free’. Whether your needs involve bookkeeping, tax accounting, statement auditing or succession planning, our accountants are prepared to quickly address your queries and construct a solid financial plan moving forward. We’re one of the most aggressive, go-getting accounting firms in Toronto ‘for the people’.

How can our chartered accountants give away initial consultations? Simply put, we want your experience with us to be fruitful. A consultation is our ‘handshake’ and promise to offer professional advice you seek without over hyping, trying to sell you more than you need or badgering you to ask friends to join us. We win when our customers reach fruition.

Consultations offer you, the consumer, the opportunity to perform due diligence on our company, learn more about our services in general, and give you plenty of time to learn about our reasonable fee structure. Only the most confident accounting firms in Toronto can offer this to its prospective clientele.

The consultation period is one hour, which gives our accountants enough time to become acclimated to your financial situation. You are free to ask pertinent questions, and are encouraged to lay down your goals so the professionals working at our accounting firms in Toronto can help you achieve them without delay.

Don’t Delay – Schedule Yours Today!

Whether you’re planning ahead and wish to speak with our accountants, or have an emergency tax situation that cannot wait, we have customer service standing by. We’ll schedule your one-hour discussion as soon as possible to address any financial concerns, or book an appointment at your earliest convenience to further discuss your goals, dreams and even problems.

What are you waiting for? Please take the time to schedule your free initial consultation with our accounting firms in Toronto before visiting our offices. Cusimano PC understands that scheduling can be tough during the week. This is why we also offer convenient weekend and evening hours (by appointment only). Contact us today and a representative will return your inquiry to schedule your appointment time.


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185 Bridgeland Avenue, Suite 201

Toronto, Ontario, M6A 1Y7



Telephone: 416.849.4000

Toll Free: 1.877.624.4001

Fax: 416.849.0009


Monday – Friday: 9am to 5pm

Evenings and weekends by appointment


Free on site

Contact us for an initial complementary consultation to discuss your business and financing needs.